Teacher Registration Guide

Steps and explanations to get the E-RYT certificate from Nepal Yoga Alliance

If you already have 5 years of experience in yoga training in any style or have over 1200 hours of experience in running yoga classes, this application will be right for you. To get started, you need to send your resume to email info@yogaalliancenepal.org and wait for a response from us.


Having at least 5 years of teaching experience in the relevant style (or at least 1200 hours of teaching experience)


Completing the application form and sending the resume to the email address: "members@yogaalliancenepal.org"


Passing the Yoga Alliance entrance exam


Payment of deposit after passing the exam

It should be noted that within 1 year after you start your activity, 25% of the amount of the fee paid by your beginners for the certificate and registration confirmation on the site will be returned to you for the deposit amount to complete your payment (If you do not manage to settle this amount within this period of 12 months, this opportunity will be lost). For applicants from poor countries or involved in civil/foreign war or famine, a limited number of different scholarships up to 60% are awarded to each country by Yoga Alliance.


After this course, you will receive a registered E-RYS or E-RYT 550 certificate, and as an approved Yoga Alliance instructor, you will be able to hold 220-hour coaching courses (and all skill courses) covered by this organization.

 - If your work experience is considered appropriate, you can take the entrance exam.


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