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Yoga Alliance Nepal (YAN)

we proudly stand as an autonomous review board consisting of seasoned yoga academics and experts. Our collective mission is to critically assess and enhance the teachings and principles of yoga, both within Nepal and on a global scale.

As dedicated guardians of yogic knowledge, we strive to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of this ancient practice, ensuring its authenticity and relevance in today's world. Explore further to delve into our commitment to the evolution and preservation of yoga's profound wisdom.

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About Us

Yoga holds great significance in our daily lives as it fosters a sense of tranquility and peace in both our bodies and minds. It equips us to lead a healthier, disease-free life while alleviating stress. Moreover, yoga facilitates the harmonious connection between our minds and bodies. In an era where life grows increasingly hectic, individuals of all ages can benefit from yoga, from children to the elderly. When a person enjoys good health, they can tackle life's tasks with greater ease. While every creature adheres to the laws of nature, we, as humans, often find ourselves going against them..



The Government of Nepal has given us an exemption to do the following:
1) To conduct classes on various subjects like yoga, meditation, pranayama, exercise, prayer to keep human life healthy and fit with the approval of the concerned body.
2) To conduct camps at various places to give lectures on various topics like yoga, meditation, pranayama, exercise, prayer and to impart necessary knowledge and training in this regard.

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Mission/Vision Statement

We aim to explore the core principles of yoga science, including ethical principles, asanas, breath control, meditation, and spiritual absorption. Our mission is to empower individuals globally with wisdom for a healthy and harmonious life, fostering a deep connection between yoga, Ayurveda, and nature. Our vision is to unite top yogis and educational institutions, offering access to premium yoga knowledge. By bridging tradition and modernity, we guide individuals toward well-being, clarity, and enlightenment, helping them unlock their full potential and live in harmony with nature.

Education Structure and Credential

Introducing Yoga Alliance Nepal's Education Structure and Credential:

Yoga Alliance Nepal proudly holds registration by the Government of Nepal, serving as a reputable institution dedicated to providing yoga certificates for qualified teachers. Our commitment is to empower educators who possess the expertise to impart the profound teachings of yoga science to others.

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