10 days Detox Retreat in Nepal

(Time may change from November to February) 6:00 AM: Set your alarm for wake-up time. 6:30 AM: Self Meditation. 7:00 AM: Enjoy Niru’s tea. 7:30 AM: Jala Neti (nasal cleansing). 8:00 AM: Yoga class with half an hour of pranayama (breathing exercises, meditation, Mantra, Mudra class). Not on Sunday 9:30 AM: Breakfast time in the dining hall. 10:30 AM: Nature hiking. Please bring necessary items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, cap, extra jacket, raincoat, etc. Rajan and Dinesh will also bring additional items. 1:30 PM: Lunchtime in the dining hall. (Timing may change based on hiking routes) 2:30 PM: Resting time until evening tea. 5:30 PM: Tea in the garden before starting the class. 6:00 PM: Yoga class (a more relaxing class with singing bowl). 7:30 PM: Dinner time in the dining hall. (campfire dinner) 8:00 PM: Free time in the evening for relaxation. Enjoy chanting with a campfire on the rooftop or watch stars in the sky.

About 10 days Detox Retreat in Nepal

Skill: Ayurveda Course

Type: Full time

Date: -

No of Students: Yogi Rajan

Teacher: Yogi Rajan

Location: Niru Yoga Homestay with hiking retreat

Host: Niru Yoga Homestay

Duration: 70